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Sarah K. Benning

Embroidery Artist

Sarah K. Benning is an artist and DIY designer working within the realm of contemporary embroidery. She creates of one of a kind hand stitched artworks and thoughtfully designed DIY kits and digital embroidery patterns.

The Studio as it is today grew out of the personal practice of Sarah K. Benning, who first turned to embroidery as a creative outlet in 2013. Craving a form of artistic expression freed from the expectations of traditional Fine Art and the fine art world, Sarah found her way to stitching and fell in love with of the process and the freedom of the craft medium. The hobby quickly snowballed into a passion and then into a budding business when Sarah began to share her work through Etsy and then Instagram. After a year and a half of stitching in the evenings and on weekends, Sarah transitioned to full-time self employment and dove head first into the realm of creative business ownership.

Sarah’s art practice has spilled over into the world of teaching. The studio now produces a limited collection of small batch kits, monthly digital patterns, and occasional workshops. Each and every kit is designed and fully assembled in house with top quality materials. Full kits and #SKBDIY digital patterns are full fresh imagery inspired by nature and interior design and include step-by-step instruction and diagrams. These DIY options are Sarah’s way of sharing her love of contemporary embroidery, her techniques, and her designs with a wider audience in a more accessible way.

Sarah now works with Davey—the love of her life and business partner—to pull all the pieces together in their home studio located in Keene, NH. They are dedicated to bringing embroidery out of the past and into the present and blurring the line between art and craft with a contemporary approach to the ancient medium. Together, Sarah and Davey work to bring beauty into the world and foster creativity.

April 14, 2021

Embroidery Artist Sarah K. Benning on Her Vivid Floral Pieces and Gro…

This week we chat with embroidery artist Sarah K. Benning on her successful professional journey and about how her work has changed along the way.

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