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Photographer Navid Baraty left a career in engineering to pursue his passion in photography and art. His deep curiosity and love of travel has fueled his determination to visit every continent of the Earth, which has led to his particular fondness for capturing dramatic landscapes and cities from above. Navid explores the world always looking for unique perspectives with an eye for the hidden and the unseen.

His images have often been described as poetic, and in his work, he continually aims to capture a sense of place, while subtly conveying the depth of emotion and feeling of a location or culture or people. To Navid, a photograph is more than a framed composition—it’s a passing moment forever frozen in time, an enduring echo of a memory.

Navid’s work has won numerous awards, most recently as one of fifteen winners in the London International Creative Competition. His images have appeared in publications and exhibitions worldwide, and have been used in several large-scale installations.

Dec. 23, 2020

Photographer Navid Baraty and His Wide Range of Space-Inspired Work

Photographer Navid Baraty's love for space is clear in his work. Though astrophotography is just one series in his incredibly diverse portfolio as a photographer, people around the world are inspired by his carefully composed shots of the stars.

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