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Dorte Mandrup

Creative Director / Founder / Professor /Architect

Danish architect Dorte Mandrup founded her studio in 1999. Studies in both sculpture and natural sciences have influenced her approached to architecture, which has always been 'hands-on', materializing in deep contextual analysis and explorative prototyping. Dorte Mandrup has distinguished herself in the architectural world with extraordinary projects in significant places such as The Whale in Norway, the Exile Museum in Berlin, the Wadden Sea Centre on West coast of Denmark and the Icefjord Centre - slightly levitating over the UNESCO-protected Greenlandic Wilderness.

Oct. 13, 2021

Architect Dorte Mandrup on Irreplaceable Places and Designing With La…

Architect Dorte Mandrup designs stunning structures that integrate seamlessly into their environment. Her self-described “irreplaceable places” are exactly that: entirely unique designs that have found their way into some of the most breath-taking places in nature.

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