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Cliff Tan is an architect based in London. He graduated from the Architectural Association and went on to practice at firms such as Aedas, WOHA architects, and Heatherwick Studio. He went on to set up his practice Dear Modern, which focuses on space planning and space optimization based on feng shui principles. Through the Covid'19 Pandemic, he evolved his practice to bring architecture and design to the masses through accessible videos, and affordable consultation services in the hopes that such architectural services can be more easily accessed and enjoyed by the wider public.

Sept. 1, 2021

Architect Cliff Tan of Dear Modern on TikTok Feng Shui Lessons and Ma…

Architect Cliff Tan of Dear Modern believes that architecture services should be available to everyone, not just those wealthy enough to afford traditional architecture services. He was inspired to use social media to teach simple lessons on feng shui and …

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