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Caledonia Curry, or Swoon, is recognized around the world for her pioneering vision of public artwork. Through intimate portraits, immersive installations and multi-year community based projects, she has spent over 20 years exploring the relationships of individuals to the built environment, using her art as a catalyst for social change and healing.

Swoon is best known as one of the first women street artists to gain international recognition. However, her expansive practice defies genre. As a classically trained printmaker, she has innovated new approaches to large-scale relief, screenprint and papercutting. The deep consideration of form is inseparable from Curry’s vision of the transformative role of public art in communities. Her critical engagement with issues of social and environmental justice have positioned her at the forefront of the emergent discourse around socially-engaged practice. Her commitment to expanding the possibilities of art to repair trauma and foster personal and collective healing continues to drive her
substantial contributions to contemporary art through experimentation with portraiture, sculpture, installation and most recently, stop-motion animation.

Feb. 2, 2022

Artist Swoon on Filling the Creative Well and Giving Back

Artist Caledonia Curry, aka Swoon, is best known for her signature wheatpaste and cut-paper installations. This week on the , we interview Swoon about her career as an anonymous street artist and her community building projects.

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